Fantaghiro : The cave Of The Golden Rose

Jom mengimbau kenangan zaman remaja dulu duluan dengan menonton balik cerita Fantaghiro : The cave Of The Golden Rose  malam  ni di TV 9. Cerita ni akan mula bersiaran hari ni tanggal 11 september 2011 pada jam 10 malam (Setiap hari ahad ya!)
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Fantaghirò is the youngest of three princesses born to a warrior King. Although beautiful and intelligent, she causes many problems for her family because she goes against everything expected for a woman in her kingdom, by being literate, adventurous and rebellious, which makes her father furious. One day, the warrior King receives an invitation from the enemy king Romualdo to a duel that can potentially end the centuries-long war that has been going on between the two kingdoms. The warrior king then learns that only one of his three daughters can win the duel. Fantaghirò sees this as a chance for her to prove herself.
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Fantaghirò and Romualdo are due to be married, but their wedding is cut short when news arrives that Fantaghirò's father has been kidnapped by the Black Queen. The Black Queen demands that Fantaghirò and Romualdo submit to her rule, but they refuse and Romualdo declares war. He sets out with his army, leaving behind Fantaghirò, who has sworn not to lift another weapon for the rest of her life. However, Fantaghirò finds that she has to break her promise, and secretly sets out on her own to the Dark Kingdom, where she learns that the Black Queen's plan is much more sinister.
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The evil wizard Tarabas learns that his powerful kingdom will be defeated by a royal child of no more than 10. He becomes obsessed with learning how this will happen, so he orders his clay warriors to kidnap all the royal children of the world. When the children of Fantaghirò's sisters become targets, Fantaghirò and Romualdo protect them from the attacking clay soldiers. However, during the fight Romualdo accidentally falls into a cursed river and turns into stone. Fantaghirò then learns that she has to find Tarabas if she wants to save her beloved Romualdo.
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A black cloud is travelling through the land destroying everything it touches. When the black cloud consumes Fantaghirò's castle, she teams up with Prince Parsel to track the black cloud to its origins and stop whoever is casting it. Along the way, Fantaghirò is reunited with the wizard Tarabas, who agrees to help them on their quest, and Princess Anjelica, who is in love with Tarabas.
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Fantaghirò is captured by the Black Queen, who has been unable to perform magic ever since she helped Fantaghirò in the previous films. The Black Queen is about to decapitate Fantaghirò when she is suddenly sucked into an alternate reality where she has to join forces with a scoundrel named Aries in defeating a villain who eats children.

Ana : Ingat - ingat lupa je dengan cerita ni, korang?
           Dulu Ramai yang guna nama samaran Tarabas ni, glamer habis penjahat yang diminati gitu, hihiihi


  1. hahaha..memang glamer citer ni dulu..watak yg saya ingat of course Fantaghiro & Tarabas :)

  2. Suka sangat cite ni dulu2..nasib baik sempat baca kat blog akak,confirm tengok malam ni :D

  3. yup cite ni mmg best..tapi dh ingt2 lupe sbb mase tu kecik lagi...

  4. suka..suka cite ni..mmg tak pernah miss dulu..

  5. tarabas macho...ramualdo lembik...asik tunggu fantaghiro selamatkan ajer...kejap jadi batu..kejap jadik tua..kejap kena tangkap org jahat..